Hi, :-|
I have a problem with my pc that I have just put together. I have never done this before so I might have done something wrong.

My pc is made of the following parts:

AMD 64 Athlon 3500+
A8N-SLI DeLuxe Motherboard
2 x Crucial 512 MB 184 - PIN DIMM 64 x 64 DDR PC 2100 UNBUFF
Maxtor 30 GB Harddrive (from old machine)
NEC Double Layer DVD-Burner
Old screen card (Waiting for 2 x 128MB Leadtek PX6600GT TDH128 Extreme).
400 W Power Supply

My problem is as follows:

When I started the pc up for the first time I got a screen where it said: "Cmod dont add up". But that does not show anymore. I have corrected the time and date in the set-up.

Now I get the following when I start up:

The Asus welcome screen where I get the option of entering the set-up menu with the text "Press Del to enter setup". Without entering it moves on to a black screen with the text "Press CTRL+S or F4 for Raid Utility". Without entering that it moves on to System Config with some data and automatically goes on to the "Option page" where you can start-up windows in "safe-mode" or normal start-up (Dont know exactly what it says in english as my xp is not english). When I try either one of these options the screen blinks one time quickly with a light blue screen before it shuts off and restarts. And so it continues over and over and.....

I have not used the Raid utility as I have my disc connected directly into the motherboard with 40-1 pin IDE cable.

Does anyone have any tips for me what I might have done wrong? ;)


Simple problem. simple solution.

You've fitted a hard drive which has Windows XP installed on it to a new motherboard and tried to start it up and run it. You can't do that because XP is not designed to work that way.

Boot from your Windows CD, use the setup routine to delete the existing drive partition(s) and create a new one instead, then proceed to install Windows cleanly again on the hard drive. It'll work then ;)

I like simple problems :)

Since I had a lot of data on my old disk that I wanted to keep, I went out and bought myself a new disk since the old one was rather small in size. Got it installed together with XP quickly and made the old one a slave.

Thanks for the solution for my problem Catweazle. I really appriciate that :cheesy:

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