I have a Gateway MX6426 Notebook. I recently bought a new battery and power cord for it.When I got the battery and installed it,the pc came on just fine for about 10 minutes then shut down.When I tried to reboot,I get 4 red blinking lights from front indicator.The pc doesnt try to boot up,no fan noises...nothing.Could the battery be defective?

Hmm, Stupid question but did you charge the battery to full?

I charged ot for 12 hours

Try booting without battery and only the charger.

No lights or anything...like its dead....possible motherboard issue?

The new charger has led light on it....but not sure if its charging or not...when charging,should battery get somewhat warm?

Battery can get warm that is normal.

Did you get the original battery is it the correct specification?

Found out the issue.I tested the battery and power cord with meter...issue was with the power jack.I noticed while wiggling the power cord the laptop powered on.So I resolved the issue.Thank you for your help tho.

Grats please mark as solved thanks.