Placed laptop in sleep mode before bed and woke up to find only the A/C plug light on. When I push the power button, the green LED on the button itself lights up as well as the front power indicator. It only stays lit for about 1-2 sec before turning off again (I do not even hear the fan start). I have tried unplugging and removing battery then holding the power button for 20sec to no avail. I have even tried a different battery. This laptop is only a month old and has a lot of important records on it. Is there any way I can save it?

Thank you

Try booting with only the A/C power.

If it's a month old give it for warranty.

Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately had already tried that. Interestingly enough it started working on its own again, came back after dinner pushed the start button and it worked. Not sure what caused it or what changed but I finally got a backup in and am still sending it off to be looked at. It was the last one in our area and was an open box when I got it, so I never really know what happened to it to be returned.

p.s. If I ever find out what happened I'll repost the results for future reference.

cool, glad your machine works

Well it has been 16 days, the laptop was checked out by Toshiba and they said nothing was wrong and it ran fine. However tonight I go to turn it on and I'm back to the same problem. The last thing I used it for was to check email and type a letter in word. Tried all the tricks again and it the same empty response.

Ask for a refund. No use trying to keep fixing a month old machine. You will keep facing problems.