My laptop one morning just didn't turn on. The fan began to spin and the power light was on. However, blank screen, no beeping as if it was POSTing.

I did some research and performed a PAS alternate boot. The hard drive and scroll lock LED lights lit for a few seconds. Then it went to the Flash, on, off (number, caps, scroll) LED lock code. what does this mean?

I have done nothing to my computer. No new components or software. I did recently change the new Dell batterie since the recall. But it worked okay for a few days before this happened. I did try disconnecting the power cord and battery, waiting, reconnecting and turning on... no success.

Please help!



Usually one of two problems... failed hard drive, or failed inverter for the screen. The hard drive is easy. Just buy and install another. Inverter requires a skilled technician.

Thank you for the reply! ;-P I have a friend that tells me it is either that, the RAM or the mother board. I will likely take to a professional tech for diagnostics. It might be cheaper to just buy a new desktop. What do you think?