so last week i replaced my aged 6600gt and got a 9800gt in preparation for sc2. my problem is it crashes and totally powers off my pc mid-game.

so far it hasnt crashed on warcraft 3 and work fine unless i play some games like sc2 beta, portal, doom3 roe. for normal non-gaming apps it hasnt died powered down ever.

one minute the sc2 beta (maxed out settings) would be running smoothly then suddenly slows down a whole lot before it returns to normal then a few minutes later everything just powers down as if the plug has been pulled.

i have a 500w power supply (not true-rate though), but i never had this problem with my previous videocard.

i tried to return the videocard so they tested it in 3Dmark 06 to test if it crashes there as a game would, however it apparently worked fine for the whole day stress-test(i only stayed the first 30mins to check the benchmark as i had work the rest of the day, and since it usually failed on or before 30min mark.)

btw my specs are

2gb of ram
1 primary drive and 1 secondary drive
1 optical drive/writer

I tried to isolate if it was the power supply by detaching the connections to the secondary drive and optical drive, but still ended up getting plugged out all the same.

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First of all chech the temperature on your videocard. Use speedfan or everest or just simply touch the videocard - it might be overheated. Update drivers - it might cause problems as well.

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