I have a Compaq Presario 1700 Pentium 3
the problem is when I start the laptop a White screen appears
and after 10-15sec it shuts of.

I can't do anything (I think) but I can hear the hard drive working for a few seconds.

Any suggestions on what I should do?


hi jorisso welcome to daniweb.:D

from what you describe my estimate would be that your graphics chip is on its way out. tell me can you get a good and clear picture if you hook up the laptop to an external screen with the serial connector.

to do this you will need an external monitor and cable. you can find the cable if you look round the back of a desktop pc. remove the cable from the desktop and locate the correct port on the laptop. plug in and switch on the monitor and laptop. you might have to press a combination of keys like Fn and F5 or F8 etc.

if you cant get any graphics on this either then your chip is dead. if the external however does work then probably a loose connection inside there somewhere.;)