Hey all, this is a problem thts been buggin me for a while now..
when there is a CD in the drive and i am shutting down, windows Hangs and i have to press the power button for 5 secs instead of an auto power down, it gets to the point where its at the blue backround saying windows is shutting down but, alas, it does not.

i have tried having a cd in the other samsung dvd drive in have and not a cd in the other and it works so it is the MSI cd-rw tht is the problem, without a cd in it theres nothing wrong at all, and for ages i simply ejected any media and ignored it but its buggin me alot can any1 help?
i have tried looking for a driver update? but havnt found anything much and as far as i can see there are no driver conflicts, im confused!
also even a motherboard upgrade didnt solve it nor did a re-install of xp!!

i challenge any1 to help me solve this!
thank you all

Danniboy. :rolleyes:

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Did you look into the availability of firmware updates for that particulair cdrw drive?

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