I used win xp 32bit
My machine is dual core wth 1.5gb ram 80gb hdd
Yesterday i restarted my pc after installing drivers whch were missing and after that it shows only blinking of monitor led it don't startup but the cpu runs continues. Sometimesit get self started . Cpu starts but no display on minotor after approx 2-3 min it restarts automatically but no display again plz fix this issue.

Hello Aniket_3, welcome to Daniweb!

To start with, could you please provide us with more specific details regarding your hardware specs?
Since you indicated that you were installing driver updates when the problem occured, giving us exact information about your hardware components could help us track down what went wrong during the update process.

Also: if you happened to catch the name of any of the drivers that were trying to install themselves, that would helpful as well.

I think you have to check or change your video adaptor, may be they damaged, That why your monitor do not show display.

my dell LCD keep goining changing coulers yallow, blue and red what shoul i do?

I have seen some suggestion of using the safe mode.

I would suggest we go for the same F8 startup menu, but select the option of Last Known Good Configurations first before the safe mode.
This helps to load the last working hardware profile.

If still the same problem, please use the safe mode.
Your problem seems to me is that your computer is ok to be powered on, but some seldom see screen instructions shows.

I would suggest we check the RAM and video cards connection and replace small button like battery.

Hope this helps.
Tech support manager.

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