Hi Chris here again......Recently the power cable to my radeon 9800 pro became faulty and stopped the gfx card from working so i uninstalled the drivers to the ATI and put my old geforce in.
So anyway i finally get round to buying a new cable for it and i uninstall the geforce drivers and replace my geforce with the radeon again but when i come to install the ati drivers it stops and says that it was unable to complete the setup try set up with standard VGA drivers and try again. so i dont know wot this means coz it worked 2 days ago so wots changed or how can i fix this ?

Exact message reads: Setup was unable to complete the installation.
Try to setup your display adaptor with standard VGA driver before running setup.

Hey guys ive sorted it went in to VGA mode for windows Xp home and by doing so it regognised my gfx card and VGA controllerand the computer was able to realise that it has new hardware inside it thats how i did it.

Restart your comp press F8 repeatedly untill a menu comes up asking what mode u would like to start in just choose VGA mode. :D