My friend has an Advent T9306 and the problem is that when i plug the PSU into the motherboard the light turns on for the power switch but does not go off until i switch the PSU off. when i press the power switch nothing happens. no fans spinning no hdd spin or anything. ive tried taking ram sticks out and still nothing. i was wondering if anyone could give me some help on what i could try to do. im not sure of the motherboard make or model and im going to look tonight to see if i can find the make and model but the processor is an intel pentium 4 HT at ~3.4Ghz. any help will be appreciated.

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Is this the specs of your computer?

Have you checked all cables are correctly connected?
Have you any other psu to try?

Also, are you saying that when you plug the PSU in, a light on the motherboard lights up or the power button light on the case lights up (as if it were switched on).

the computer is my friends but yes them specs look similar to the one he has. and ive tried about 4 different PSUs and ive check the cables and its is the light on the power switch that is on. as if the computer was switch on. but the light does not turn off until i switch the power off from the plug.


Has your friend opened up there computer or made any changes to the computer?
When did this happen? whilst the computer was on, when the computer was booted up or are you not sure?

- Let us know how it goes

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