Hi all,

I'm trying to setup two pan/tilt/zoom webcams, one for my bro back in NY and one for myself here in CA, so that we have two way audio and control of the cam at the other person's location. Since each webcam will be behind our routers I'm trying to figure out how we'll be able to access them remotely.

I've had this webcam (link snipped) recommended to me - although I'll be receiving close-out pricing that significantly reduces the list price. I also had "dipmap" recommended to me (for remote access), but sourcing information on it is proving rather difficult and what little I have found out about it indicates it's a corporate/enterprise-level product.

Your recommendations and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Each webcam would sit behind your router. The router would need to be setup to pass on the port from the external IP to the internal IP of the webcam.

So if the webcam is assigned a private ip and operates on port TCP/1024, then the router must be setup to port forward 1024 from the external IP to the internal address. That way, if you hit the public ip, all traffic is sent internally to the camera.

If your ISP give you a non-static IP for the internet, you'll need to use a dynamic dns service to register the new ip to a domain name for this to be practical.

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Thank you very much for the info CimmerianX, much appreciated!