My one hard drive got messed up and so I got a new one that has 160 GB on it. Problem is, it is not supported by Windows 98 so I got a burned copy of Windows 2000 Professional given to me by my company. So I hooked up the new hard drive and turned the computer on and it said 'operating system not found' so I decided to put in my Windows 2000 disk but I found that my CD-ROM would not open, it's like it doesn't work anymore! Please tell me how I can put windows 2000 on my new HD and how I can work my CD-ROM. I'm very confused and need some help please, I'm not very good at computer hardware so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi MH275, and welcome to daniweb...Windows 2000 Pro doesn't support over 137GB hdds, but you can partion it into C and D drives and put something like 40GB in the C, and the remainder in the D. If you have service pac 3 or better, there should be a disk that came with your hdd which will allow you to install the whole 160GB. As for the CD-ROM, check your connections since you have been playing around in there, you might check your BIOS to see if it's still configured properly.

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