Hi all . I have a new hp computer a p533 with an AMD athelon II x2 250 processor. I took out the cheap 350 watt power supply and put in a 600 watt PS. then I also installed and HATI Radeon HD 5570 PCi-E Video card. the game im playing is bioshock and dark strider. after about half hour of play my screen crashes to the desktop or I get a autoreboot. now, HP has a whole lot of ways to check the validity of a harddrive and video card and memory etc , so I did all the check s and nothing seems to be wrong. but i went out and bought a new harddrive any way . A Seagate Barracuda 1 TB/TO 7200 rpm with 32 MB cache. I am wondering if I should replace my drive or what cause the crashes are bugging me , especially screen freezing in the middle of gaming. help me out here someone?

hi mate ,

how is the cooling in your system ? i had a problem like that a few years ago and when i put my kit into a bigger case with a few more fans in it it solved the problem . i know you probably hear this a lot but make sure you update your drivers for your video card to the latest as the one that comes from the box your new card came in is probably pretty outdated .

hope this helps a bit .