Hiya guys,I've been killing my eyes looking for answers online all damn day!

Just installed a new Mobo M3A770DE along with AMD 2 X2 265 3.3, Kingston 2Gig ddr3 1333 (1600) clocked.

I was all excited because although these parts are not extreme, they are far superior to what i built in 2007 lol.

I installed and PC booted up straight away with no problems!
so i went ahead and slightly clocked the ram to make it 1600 which is what your supposed to do apparently, i started playing a couple different games and it froze as if it over heated etc, so i restarted and set bios default and the machine is still freezing after about 20minutes of game play, the CPU seems to be sitting around 36 in desktop and 40 in game. I'm stumped does any one have ANY ideas i can try please? ALSO there is a 3pin slot on my board above the pci-e slots which is called Power_Fan, does the 3pin connector from my PSU plug into this?? Also 1 thing to mention is the new 8pin connector on the board says you can use a 4pin so i am using that! could this be the issue? not enough power? my PSU 750w and my graphics card is x1959xt.

Sorry for long post, I'm at my whits end and about to throw this dam thing out the window PLEASE HELP

Many Thanks

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definitely sounds like over heating... but by the temps you've described, it's not likely...
have you ran the system with the side panel off? is your CPU fan working properly?? there should be a connection that says 'cpu fan' or something along those lines right on the mobo. the other connections are for extra case fans.
your question about the 'pwoer fan' slot... yes, that's where the PSU fan plugs into. the option on your board for 4 or 8 pin just leaves room for a larger PSU im assuming.
good luck my friend. sorry i couldn't be much help.


Try running RAM at 1333MHz instead; if your problem persist perhaps it is something else, otherwise you know what the problem is.

I believe that three pin slot above the PCI slots is for a case fan, you shouldn't need to connect anything to it.

-Let us know how it goes

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