morning everyone! so my dad messed up his machine somehow and its mind boggling..Anyways heres the deal.. The machine loads all the way up to where it asks what profile you wanna load..admin or diff doesnt matter which one I loads the background, plays the welcome music but then plays the outro music and restarts? weird then I tried to boot into safe mode..same thing happens i get to the profile chooser screen..u click one and all that happens is for a second it seems like its loading but then it just goes back to the profile picker screen.. anyone have any advice? id rather not format if I dont have to..but obviously the boot sequence is messed up..looking forward to everyones response.

thanks abunch

If running XP / W2K you can try the repair option from the installation CD. You will need to have a Windows CD. If your system came with a recovery CD with a hard drive image (like a lot of HPs do) you may not have a repair option in the recovery system.