I have an older laptop I am trying to repair. The problem started when one day last summer I had the laptop plugged in where I usually have it. I had left It plugged in after I read my e mail that morning and left it there for the day. whilst I was gone for the day, I came back from being out and noticed something strange about it. It would not start, It was completely dead, no indicator lights, nothing! For a matter of fact, It would turn off my indicator light on my electric cord and it also freaked out my external battery when ever i would plug that in. I have since taken it apart to see the source of the problem. It seems that something is wrong with the plug in to the motherboard. I was wondering if there is a fuse involved or is it just that the motherboard had been fried, or is it something else completely?
thanks for any info.


My best guess is that the power block for the laptop failed and allowed a surge through and fried your board. Do not keep plugging it in as there is definitely a fault somewhere. If you saw scorching of any kind on your motherboard, it's toast. There is no fuse in consumer laptops as they are not designed to with stand shock.

Sorry to hear that about your laptop. Hope this helps.