I have a hp compaq 6720s since 2 years and half but i have a problem with the fan with any small operation or any small program running i hear the fan like screaming and the laptop start to be very hot that after a while you can't touch it ,I googled that problem and i found that it may be a virus , a trojan , worm that make all that shit but i am using avast internet security and when ever i made a scan the result was NO THREATS FOUND.. so i donno what to do please help

ok first of all.

its Laptop one word.

The noise you are hearing is most likely dust or hair that has entered through the venting holes that help cool the laptop.

You have two options.

Venture into your laptop and open it to clean your fan.

Or let a professional do it for you.

finito firstly thanks alot for your spelling advice , i really appreciate it and i donno what to do without :)

secondly i tried some tricky solution , uninstalled avast internet security then restarted the laptop(without space) then it worked really great without any noise , then installed avira antivirus which it seems till now that it is working friendly with the fan


strange first time I see something like that. Well I am glad it worked for you :)