OK – this is the worst of all horror stories. I purchased memory to upgrade a pair of Gateway machines (in preparation to upgrade the OS). The mother board is an INTEL DQ965MTG1 in a Gateway E-4610 workstation. Specs say you can upgrade to 8GB. Respecting limits of OS, only purchased memory for 4GB (in each machine). The first one went just fine.
The second one went to ?ell!. My first thought was that some of the memory was bad, so I put the original memory back in the system and tried to restart. NO DICE. At this time I noticed that the LED in the power button on the front of the work station was flashing (blue), slowly. I restored the new memory to the system.
I Did some reading and followed one recommendation to reseat everything, remove the onboard battery (allow the onboard RAM to reset itself) and took the opportunity to blow out the dust. Done.
System re-assembled and power applied. NO DICE AGAIN, however the LED in the power button now flashes VERY fast.
I cant locate anything on the internet for this mother board giving any information about board problems that might be identified by the flashes. Anyone have any suggestions?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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This is from memory but I think it is a power supply issue. Double check the connections to the mother board from the powersupply. Hope it helps.

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