Hi Friends
I run the CD ROM and there are 'jumps' and other imperfections in the music, making for an unusable copy. Is this a sign of the lens on the original drive failing? The read-drive is a LITEON LTN485S running at 8.91 average speed , the write-only drive a Phillips CDRW 5224, running at 34 average speed. There have been no problems until now, except for the occassional 'clicks' on a copy of a recording.
The four year old PC is running on XP.
Any help appreciated but I guess installing a new CD ROM drive is the answer. Is this fairly straightforward?
Thanks, Tez

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Could be a bad batch of media. Have you tried different media?

Can you reproduce the error with new media?

If not and its ONLY that drive then I would say she is shot.


Thanks Techniner - installed a new drive (happened to be the same make - LITE-ON) and think the situation is much better much strangely not completely gone. Have played CDs in the other drive (burner) and the reproduction is terrific. Perhaps I should install a different make? Is there any other possible cause? I am frankly stumped!! Tez

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