does anyone know how to translate athlon into intel like i only now what the gz mean but i cant understand what the athlon one means like how much gz things are in it and i need at least a 3.2

so what would a AMD Athlon XP 3000+ roughly if that was in the intel gz
if anyone uderstands a word i said please reply!!!!!!!!!!! :cheesy:

thankyou thankyou thankyou

Are you wanting to find out what AMD chip is similar in performance to a certain Intel chip? If so, which Intel chip's performance do you want to match?

Furthermore, what type of use will the chip mainly be used for? Gaming? Productivity? Graphics?

The reason I ask these questions is that you can't directly compare chips. AMD started designing their own CPU internals a number of years ago. Since then, AMD and Intel have taken very different routes with processor design. The differences are so great that some AMD chips can run at 70% the clock rate of Intel chips made around the same time but still perform similar to the Intel chip.

Even performance measurements are different. A certain AMD chip might outperform a certain Intel chip in terms of productivity performance, but the Intel chip would outperform the AMD chip at gaming.

There are sites all over the web the benchmark the chips and show what level of performance can be expected out of a certain chip in comparison to other chips. Tom's Hardware Guide is a good place to look for performance comparisons.

i think so, yeah, a want to use it for games and graphics a dont no what intel chip but a big one cause ave got two computers at the mo and i want to get rid of one put the info on the new one and more graphicy things
sorry :!:

thankyou a found what a neaded on that site thankyou!!!!

If you don't have a specific level of performance in mind (you don't require 85+ FPS in BF2), just find the best that you can afford.

If you are thinking about building a machine, you might want to consider whether you are knowledgable enough to do so. I built my last machine two years ago and went to work on building a new machine recently. I found that almost all of my knowledge from just two years ago was worthless. In order to get a machine that will run well, you either need to do all your homework or buy from someone that has.

Personally, I'd recommend an AMD rig anyday.

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