My computer froze up yesterday, so I couldn't restart from the shutdown menu and had to turn it off by the switch...when I pressed the switch to turn it back on I was getting nothing, after pressing it several times it will turn on and try to boot up with all fans and harddrive seemingly starting normal and then after 2-3 seconds it just shuts down...any suggestions

We would need to know what computer it is before making any suggestions!

We would need to know what computer it is before making any suggestions!

My computer has a Penitum 4 Processor, we built it for video type work, so it beefed up...I did paper clip test and the PSU seems to be okay, I've checked connections and all seem to be tight.

Is it a home build or a shop bought machine? When you say you did the paperclip test, please describe exactly what you did and what you tested.

I had the same problem with mine. It would restart randomly, sometimes before post and sometimes 20 minutes or 2 hours later. Sometimes it wouldn't restart at all, but just shut off. Basically made my comp useless! I tried everything - replaced the PSU, checked all connections, check hd for errors and reinstalled Windows. Still had the problem. Took the front panel off and checked the power switch. One of the clips that holds it in place had broken creating too much 'give' so when the button pushed the switch it couldn't make full contact. The switch was wigging out. Took out the button and now it works great. Not the ideal solution, but at least the restart issue is fixed!

Mine has a same type of error. When I start it up in the normal power setting it turns the fan for like a second then turns off, when I put it to a higher setting the comp turns on, but there is not video out, so I don't know what it is doing. at first I thought it was the power button, so I removed the cords to it, and touched them together, same problem.

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