Hi there everybody!
I have a PC which i was pretty happy for, it had Windows Vista on it.
But then one day when i turned on the computer, it wouldn't boot up Vista. It came to that part where it shows that loading bar:

|   ||||    ||||  |

and then it wouldn't go longer.

I then pressed and the Shut Down button (on the PC of course) and it turned off.
Then i started PC again, and saw 4 mystical blue dots under the loading bar, but it still wouldn't turn on.

Then i uninstalled Vista, and installed Windows XP and installed all the drivers that was including with my PC, and it seemed to work fine. The monitor was plugged into the graphics card, and i could see just fine. But then i tried running a test to participate in the Battle.Net Beta Survey, but it told me i had no Video Card...
It was empty in video card field and in driver it said: vga.dll
I tried installing the drivers that fitted to nvidias 8800gt (mine is made by SPARKLE not nvidia) but it didn't work out.

Some Card Info
Model: GeForce 8800 GT http://www.sparkle.com.tw/product_detail.asp?id=57&sub_id=164
Video Memory: 1024MB

This stands on the card
M/N: SF-PX88GT1024D3-HP Cool-pipe
P/N: GeFORCE 8800GT (PCI-E) 1024MB
GDDR3+HDTV OUT+Dual DVI(or l)-I(or l)+HDCP

Video Card is made by SPARKLE

Please help me, i really want to use my PC properly again :(

EDIT: I typed wrong model sorry, added proper model (GeForce 8800GT, i wrote 6800GT)

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The correct driver for it should be on the cd that was supplied with it.

I bought the PC used, but i don't remember if a driver for the video card was included.

According to the sparkle website it should use the Nvidia driver.

oh well i tried that and it didn't work, but it is displaying fine through the video card but it cant be used for gaming fx...

What driver did you try exactly?

Well i tried the download from the nvidia geforce 8800gt downloads page...

Click Start, then run, and type dxdiag and post what that says about the contents of the Display tab.

Producent: I/T
Chip-type: I/T
DAC-type: I/T
Total memory (ca.): I/T
Actual monitorstate: 1024 x 768(32 bit)(1Hz)

Main driver: vga.dll
Version: 5.01.2600.0000 (Danish)
Date: 09-10-2001 13:00:00
WHSQL-logo: Yes
Mini-VDD: vga.sys
DDI-version: Unknown

Thats content of the Display tab of dxdiag...

Hope it can help somebody...

Also i tried installing the driver following with the video card, but sadly when it gets halfway it restarts the computer, and then when it loads up again normally then it restarts the computer again, and it keeps doing that. So i have to load up in safe mode and then uninstall driver -.-

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