Hey guys,

Been a while since my last post - websites sure changed alot!

I am after a brand new graphics card, but I am a little rusty on my tech knowledge to be honest, and would love to get some suggestions from your collective expertise.

My budget is no more than £200 tops and I would like the best that money could buy on that - I had my eye on the ATI 5870 - I have always gone with nVidia in the past but have been told that ATI have overtaken them in the market?

Is this true?... In any case, Id love some suggestions for what I should get

Bit more info is that I am a very keen gamer and want to be able to play all the latest titles with full graphics potential (my current gfx card overheats after about 30mins!!)

I also have two 24" monitors and watch TV on my pc a lot.

System info:
8GB PC6400 ram,
E6600 S775 2.4Ghz Dual Core Intel,
Asus E-Deluxe Motherboard,
1.5TB Harddrive space
running Vista HP x64

Current gfx card is Geforce 9600 GT - not the worst, but its been a bit of a let down non the less.. :(

..My current gfx card is not very loud, but I would like it if the replacement I end up getting is also pretty quiet as my PSU and other system fans make it noisy enough!! lol

Many thanks for your help, :?:
Kind Regards,

Do you have a decent power supply?

Well my advice is to spend as much as you can afford if you want top performance!