Hi, I am about to set up a dual boot configuration on my machine. I plan to install osx on my pc, with windows 7 being the most used partition on the machine.

I would like for windows to be out the outside of the hard disk so I may have faster read/write times, but that is more of a secondary concern to the data being continuous.

If I have fragmentation on my hard drive When I resize my partitions does the partition manager automatically create the data in a contiguous format, or is the data from both partitions spread randomly through the drive with the MBR just directing the head to read from the appropriate area, regardless of what I am doing.

I would like to minimize the amount of wear on my HDD while getting the best speed out of my installs. So do all of the major partition managers (Acronis, Partition Magic, etc..) do this automatically, or is it something that you have to specify?

whilst the placing on a disk is of some importance and there are intelligent defragmentation programs that will put the most used programs at the front, for most computers that are modern the speed and set up on the hard disk are not very likely to bve noticed as a speed limitation. far more likely is the amount of live memory, the size of files and the amount of clutter on the hard disk!

However an intelligent defragmenter and a good partitioning program should solve your problems;