I have a 17" BENQ monitor that is slow to start after being shut off for a couple of hours. The monitor LED blinks but the monitor takes about 5 minutes to light up. However, if the PC is started up after being shutdown for a short period of time the monitor lights up immediately. I think it is due to a weak capacitor? I'd try another monitor, but I have only the one at this site. Any thought?

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The most common cause of what you describe is a failing backlight driver board. You should be able to get and fit a replacement fairly easily!
Having said that, it's not the only possible cause. If you have and know how to use a digital volt meter then you could do some testing to narrow things down.

if you should need any help with testing the monitor, let me know!

Will do. However, I'm on the road for the next week. I'll post whwen I return.

No problem!

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