HI! I would like to know if ever I'm going to change my RAM and HDD, do i need to reset the setting of my bios? or it will automatically reset?

Please i need your advice!

thanks in advance

If your set is "Auto" then nothing needs to be done.

It also depends on the machine. Some want you to go into the bios to confirm changes, most don't.

usually the machine automatic detection type RAM and HDD,,,but any vendor if changes new hardware you must reset bios setting,,,pull the jumper bios on your mainboard wait until 30s and install again, but the first you dont connected any hardware (just test your mainboard and your RAM,,,turn on power and hear if any beep sound one or two times, its mean your bios success reset,,,go to bios setting hit DEL or F2 on keyboard, turn off power button and install your HDD,,,finishh,,,,,,sorry if my speak not grammer,,

I work with computers every day and I have never ever heard of any computers that need a bios reset for new ram or hdd!?!

you do not need to change the BIOS setting when you change both...

Reset bios for new RAM is normal. Doing it for HDD is not.
Different RAM has different timings and resetting bios allows it to pick that difference up.