Kind: HP ProBook 4510s

hi all,
I last time switched off my laptop after using it on projector. i disconnected projector fine, then turn it off normal. Then next day I turned on and screen was black and blue light at power button as usual.

I decided that I would turn it so I hold power button and it wont turn off, then I had to remove adapter cable and then remove battery and it went off. Returning battery and push power button nothing happens, remove battery and adapter then press the power button for looong time then power cable without battery, press power button; nothing happened.

Only orange light near adapter plug is on whether it be on power or on battery that LED is on. I have googled for a day now and cannot find any solution. Any help is appreciated!

Sounds like a hardware fault! You will probably hve to take it to a professional for diagnosis.

Hi Rik,
Actually it is on. I Just did all troubshoot I could think of and try to reacharge and nothing happened. I resorted to my last fort, God! I prayed for it, left for the church come back and it was dead! Then I did the same as yesterday, tried to recharge and in few minutes everything was Ok!

As long as it works, no more pokes, Just praising the Lord,
oh thanks you Jesus!

Oh, BTW thank you for posting...I appreciate it!