Trouble since day one!

It just shuts down now and then showing a blue screen error display. Finally got it checked out in a service station ( AND it took three weeks to get it back )... well... the shutting down stopped... but now it´s slower in all..AND It crashes when Im´playing games ( e. HL2 ).

Had no troubles with gaming before, but now the screen just flickers in "game-mode". What the .... could be wrong?

Anyone... PLEASE HELP!?

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For anyone to help you, you'll have to post more information. Go into detail about what happens and when. Also include what operating system you have and some spec's on your PC. Tell us also if you have anti-virus software (up to date and used) and if you have any spyware/adware removal software and if so, what kind. What type of ISP do you have (dial up, cable, DSL, wireless, etc.). And lastly, tell us how many things are shown active in the background in the lower right corner of your bottom tool bar. If there is more than 4 or 5, tell what they all are.

Reason for this info is that "slow" and "crashing" computers may be caused by a couple of different things from not enough RAM for what is being done, to too many programs running in the background using up your resources, to virus's and adware/spyware.

Hm...I thought my comp. spec. were automatically added to my signature here at daniweb. Obviously not. Sorry.
Downloaded ad-awere and it found some junk hidden away. Thanks!
And...I obviuously barked up the right tree and finally got the service-bad-boys to get me a new graphics card now runs smooth as clockwork!
Thanks for everything!

And now for something else...

Obviously...when someting works another thing breaks down...
Since I installed Windows XP service pack 2 my Kaspersky anti-virus program just wont work. It says that my virus database is corrupted and that I should re-install the program
...and so I did...THREE TIMES...
Will it work? Nooooooo

Yes, I did write to kaspersky support, but they do not seem to care.
Kaspersky is the only virus program I have. I also run the Kaspersky anti-hacker firewall.


FYI - When you finish one problem, great! BUT, you should start a new thread with an appropriate title for a new problem, such as "Anti-Virus Program will not run". Then put all the facts in your first message. Post it under "Virus's...."

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