Hi there, my name is Don & new to the Forum & I hope This is the right section,
I unfortunately suffered the net result of an Operating System malfunction (XP Home service pack 2 etc).and I am not very impressed, more highly stressed at the moment & I would appreciate any help.
All of a sudden Windows would not run & system kept re-booting with a message that a license was missing for my machine.
On reloading the start-up files supplied by the OEM windows just sits at the welcome screen.
I have obtained a new hard drive & set it up as should be with Windows XP Home Op system as the master & put old drive as slave. I can see all the files on the old hard drive and wish to transfer my old documents but........... when I first set up the first hard drive user accounts I made my documents & settings private. Now I can't access or copy. There are 100's of family photo's & documents that I need to keep. I have contacted the software people who developed GETBACKDATA and they can't help. Microsoft help center has suggested I pay someone else?? Does anyone know any other software or have a method I can do the following.
1. Get the old version of windows kick started so I can change the attributes on my documents to allow file transfer..
2. Access my files from new hard-drive for normal use?
Many thanks in advance to all.
cheers Don

Don A,

Turn off the Indexing service (Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Services; scroll down to, double click on Indexing, click the Stop button, try moving the files again). That fixes the "file in use" most of the time.

If that doesn't work or you get a message about "access denied" and something about "permissions," follow the steps in the MS KB article, How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP to get to your files.

The "Read only" setting on folders is meaningless and Windows ignores it. Check any folder (not file) on the drive and you'll see they're all marked "read only." Nobody but Microsoft programmers know why.



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