I'm updating my daughter's computer with a ASROCK M3A770DE motherboard,AMD Athlon11x3 cpu,
Muskin Enhanced 996586 memory.
I installed Window Vista,but get no signal from my Linksys WMP54G adapter card.
I had a Linksys WRT54G router working fine,but switched to Verizon Fios.
My other three desktops work fine with Fios,even my laptop.
But I cannot get a signal so I can connect to the internet on this one.
Does anyone have any ideas?

hey, i actually do tech support for fios. won't charge you for this one.

the driver you installed for your wireless card (usually comes on the CD with the wireless card)... is it for vista? have you restarted the computer?

click start -> right click 'computer', click 'hardware', click 'device manager'... is your wireless card listed under 'network adapters'? if it isn't, that's a problem... if it is, does it have an alarming symbol next to its icon?

we're just getting warmed up here... we just need to gather some info. this will be easy to solve once we get the right info.

oh and i have to ask (i should've asked this first)... do you know how to connect your computer to a wireless network? i can't express to you how many calls i get with fios where this is the exact case... they say all computers but one work, but the only issue is that the installer set up all the other computers, just not the one that 'isn't working'.