Hi Folks,

I've added two pictures of my set-up.

It's a XPS 8000 with a BLU-LED LCD Samsung BX2450 Monitor.

The only problem with the PC is the low powered power-supply and cheap graphics card.

To be precise, 350W PSU and a weak 512MB ATI HD 4350 Graphics Card.

Do you think I can fit a bigger PSU in this "Bespoke Dell" chassis?

Any suggestions?

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Most consumer pc's are build in an ordinary ATX chassis, so you can probably fit any ATX-PSU in there.

I suggest you start with finding a gfx-card that you like, and then find a psu with sufficient power potential.

And I then recommend you take a look at …

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I like the table.
Nice, simple and functional.

Thank you. Got it at a good price.

I'm actually considering selling it all.

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