hello to everyone...
can someone help me in my pc problem..
because every time i turned-on my pc, my monitor say's "no signal"
during booting but my monitor will gets a signal when the windows
splash screen loads up...

even when i go to BIOS, my monitor is still no signal,
i already reset my cmos, change the monitor, clean the video card and
unplug all the cords in my pc, but still nothing happen, i've been
going crazy about this problem...
but if i will remove the video card and plug the monitor vga
connector to onboard videocard, it works fine,.

please help me, any help will be appreciated.. thanks..

sounds like the bios is taking a long time to make the PCI video card start running, and then the monitor takes a long time to start running after signal starts being sent to it.

i would start by turning 'quick boot' off in the bios (if it's not already off)... make it run a long boot with a full POST. see if your monitor can catch any part of it before the windows screen shows up.

also, if you try to get into the BIOS while the monitor is plugged into the PCI card, are you able to see the BIOS after a few seconds?

you might try seeing what BIOS version you have... also see if there's any update available for it.