I am having trouble with my speakers, I have a 2.1 surround with bass amp but when either listening to iTunes or an online radio & sometimes even when im watching a video clip, the sound on my speakers just goes off for a few seconds then comes back on, it does not happen all the time but mostly when using iTunes and it is really annoying.

I know the most obvious answer is to buy new speakers but im currently waiting on some money coming through and im going to buy myself a laptop and also a good surround sound system for my telly and future laptop.

Anyone had this problem before?

Its not your speakers. I did have this problem on my laptop, until I got a dedicated USB soundcard.

Its bassicly your computer not having the computing power to run sound well enough.

I bought this (Edirol UA-25) which solved my problems fine, but a more simple one like this (Edirol UA-1EX) would be fine.

They work the same way as a PCI sound card, but generally have more inputs for less money, the higher end ones that is.

You need more memory so your mutimedia apps will run smoothly without interruptions. I would also upgrade your next set of speakers to a nice set of 5.1's.