I have a HP Pavillion DV6000 laptop,512MB RAM. 160GBHDD with a Windows Vista operating system installed. I want to format it using windows XP but the setup couldn't find harddisk on my computer......while I try to format using Windows 7, it find the harddisk.....Please, anybody with solution should kindly come to my aid as soon as possible. I so much want Windows XP on my computer.

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Your laptop has a sata hard drive. XP SP2 or earlier cannot detect a sata hard drive as sata hard drives did not exist when they were written. You will need an XP SP3 cd in order to install XP on your laptop!

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thans, you response did helped me.But, what can I do to get the sound, wireless and some other components on the laptop to function. Once again thank u.

Yo need to go to the HP website and download the latest drivers from there!

You might be having some outdated drivers or your drivers might have crashed.

GO t your control panel to get the sound or this to function, go and have the latest drivers first

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