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I have a customer who has bought a computer with Athlon iix4 Model 635 on a Biostar GF8200E motherboard. This cleaverly alters the processor speed dependant on useage to save energy.

The problem is that customer needs to fix the processor speed for a music application he is running.

Anyone know how to fix the speed please ? It can be any speed above 1.6.

Thanks for your heklp


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hi, i read the manual thinking might be something in it ,but not,some setting in the bios maybe , one would think it would up the speed when/if its needed ,the laptop im on right now does, im using win7 and have a side bar gadget[just right click on sidebar and go more gadgets ] that shows my cpu and ram usage ,and shows when speed goes up and down

I've hunted manual, etc.

You are right speed does vary, but we don't want it too. Music generation program require same speed of working to perform accurate calculations.

Speed during statup is 1.6, then drops to 700 at end of bootup.

Speed during statup is 1.6, then drops to 700 at end of bootup.

yeah,and one would assume that when the programs need more it should increase.maybe someone who actually know will see the post and have solution,in the meantime i'll keep looking with you for an answer

didn't come across a definitive answer ,seems speed stepping is a common name for the function with an intel cpu .also seems that disabling it will result in it running at a lower speed and not the higher one,not sure about that ,but i think left alone the cpu will spike when needed, mine does,maybe the music software isn't written well enought to take advantage of his 4 cores,a lot of software isn't !!

my hp/compag laptops bios a virtulisation setting for running multiple virtual machines .,but recommended no to run it all the time ,i set to enable ,and ram win7 and xp mode ,cpu still jumped from 950 -1900 mhz when doing things in both at the same time .

Thanks for your help, so far.

It is not a question of software being written badly. It needs very accurate timings which you don't get if processor speed alters. I now wonder if I am going to have similar problem with real time systems I support, how do you get accurate timing if cpu speed alters ....... ??

I have found a bios setting for the board which fixes the voltage. I know if one increases voltage one increases clock speed, so if voltage fixed is cpu speed fixed ?

Go in to the bios and disable cool and quiet :)

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