Help an old newbie out. I am looking to buy an Intel P4 2.4 GHz cpu for my Asus P4T-E mobo. Lame, I know, but it's all I've got. The mobo has 400 MHz FSB. The proc. I'm looking at has a 800MHz bus speed. In the old days, when I used to support these machines, I think I recall these as being compatible. But before I commit to buying this cpu I wanted to be sure.

mobo link...

cpu link...

Thanks in advance.


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I dont think it would be compatible...

I dont know how much you are ready to pay but you could buy a cpu-mobo-RAM combo for less than 200$US. For example:
mobo/amd athlon xp 2900+/512mb pc3200 for 129$US after 70$ mail rebate

The only thing is that your mobo and 1gb rdram will collect dust in the closet. Unless you find a cheap socket 478 motherboard that supports 800fsb and rdram.

wow, great minds must think alike... I just went out today and picked up a mobo/cpu/ram combo for $195 (no rebate tho' - damn). Got it all back together and here I am. Seems to be working out very nicely.



May I ask what you chose?

Yeah, I got the Gigabyte GA-K8NS mobo with the AMD Sempron 2800+ (1.61GHz) cpu, and 1 stick of PC3200 DDR 512MB.

It clocks a little slower than what I had (Intel P4 1.7GHz) but I believe it processes faster. I have half the memory for now but will add another 512 soon.

I got it all at a Fry's for just under $200... happy for now, :-| but that usually doesn't last long. ;)


Not so bad.. still too bad you didnt see the deal I found before buying.

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