Alright a year or so ago my girlfriends got mad at this laptop and squeezed the screen till it broke. then out of rage she punched the screen. Her parents gave me this laptop and said I could have it if I can fix it so I've been working on it. I installed a new screen inside it and it's the proper model for this particular laptop. The screen remains off now even after powering up and the dvd drive refuses to open. I've tried all the tricks from the hard reset to checking cables. Everything seems to be intact and I don't see or hear any damage except for the screen. The hard drive sounds like it's running when powered on, the fan run, all the led's are on as well. I have this laptop sitting next to me now with the case open and I'm not going to be putting it back together until this issue is solved. Btw the screen I bought was like 80 or 90 bucks, her parents paid for it for me, but I need to figure this issue out. Please help me. Also the when the laptop is powered on it sounds like the disc is spinning then stops. This is pretty much repeated until I force it to power down.

I also tried to flashlight trick but I didn't see anything on the screen at all.