Hi All, having an issue new to me.

I have an eMachine with an AMD Atholon II motherboard.

The Issue:

When I start or restart the machine it takes forever to get thru the bios. If I select to go into setup it again takes forever and once in, it is a arrow down, go get a pizza, arrow down, Eat the pizza, enter to select, go take a shower...etc. You get the idea.

Now once the machine fully loads (about 30 mins), Win7 flies, no issues. Works great.

I have tried removing the battery for 15 mins and restarting, The machine is clean, all 6 gigs test good. I have reset to factory defaults and eMachines show no bios updates or firmware updates.

Any help? If you need more info please let me know. TY!!

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I am sorry, I meant to state that I have an Amerivan Megatrends (AMIBIOS) board. Also the only things plugged in are video, mouse and keyboard.


update your bios.....

If you can find the original BIOS, you can try to flash it again, and after at reboot, enter bios setup, and load the defaults.

If that doesn't help, you should start a RMA ticket with the reseller.

There are usually a number of settings in the BIOS as to how it deals with POST (Power-On Self-Test). IE, do a full POST every time you boot, do a quick test always, or do a full POST if hardware components have changes, such as disc, memroy, etc. Most of the time, the default settings are the latter one. However, since you say that stuff is REALLY slow UP TO AND UNTIL THE OS IS FULLY LOADED, I am guessing the BIOS is set to the first option, and Win7 itself has so much bloatware installed (including AV scanners that are doing on-access scanning) that it runs like sludge until everything is finally loaded. This is what I have seen with my clients that run Windows Vista and Windows 7 in general. Until you clean the crap out of the system, I don't think an RMA and new system will be any better for you...

Check your bios version and memory timings before flashing. You may already have the latest version. The new power supply shouldn't affect bios performance. I run conservative memory timings with 4:5 ratio and 133 cpu fsb for best overall performance. Your power supply should work fine if your 5 volt readings are at least 4.85 under load.

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Emachines are poorly build rubbish. I suspect your motherboard and/or power supply is about to go.
The best thing you can do is sell it before it dies completely.

I have worked on many Emachines and %90 of the time they are beyond economical repair once they have stopped booting as the cheapo power supply goes then does serious damage to the motherboard and other parts.

Most of the time, just the CPU and ram survives!

SURE you must update the firmware from the amd the exact board you have with you .
just download the package and follow the instruction to update it .
ensure there is no power cut at that time if so your board might be dead

Emachines tech support is diabolically bad, the chances of finding a bios update at at best slim to non-existant!

Emachines are poorly build rubbish.

yeah,but they will get better ,Acer bought them out last year, lol

I wouldn't bet on it. It would cost money to improve them and computer makers hate having to spend!

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