i have asus k42d laptop..bt last two days it creates lound beep sound randmoly..
i scaned my laptop bt no virsus found.. i worried if laptop get some serious hardware prob.. reason for i could not find from internet... only reason that i knew virus... bt no virus in it..
plz guide what kind of problem can be inside it.the sound that it create very lound

Beeps are caused by hardware issues not software issues. Is the battery in good condition? If not, try running it without the battery to see if you still get the beeps. Removing and refitting the DVD drive ans ram might be worth doing too.

thanx for the reply RIK...yeah battery is in gud condtion ..its warrnty period still not expired..
i will do what u suggest

Hi preetg, Beeping sound mainly occur due to hardware problem. It indicates that your hardware is at risk. Firstly, maintain backup of your data, otherwise you can loss your data.Or contact to expert for proper guidance.


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