hello experts

i have a problem that my DDR2 RAM some time work properly and some time create display stripe problem. then i restart 5 to 10 time then work normally if you have any solution please advise me.

It needs to be replaced with new ram!

r u sure it was the RAM? have u tried another stick to see if that's indeed the problem?

i once had a user having a similar problem, she took the tower to PC World which told her it was the end. Then she asked for my help. I did a few tests and eventually found out that the PC was infected. After i re-installed everything got rid of the virus, the PC has been in tip top condition since.

Other things to look out for could be video cable loose or bad driver.

just keep testing.

Stripes on the graphics output is a classic sign of faulty ram. The OP most likely has built in graphics which shares the system ram. If the system ram is faulty, it will show as graphics corruption.

Although the ram does sound faulty, download a program called memtest (google that)
the program is only 16kb and the longer you run it, the better the test. (Run it for a period of 12-however long you want)

oh yeh

you are absolutely right i will check our all components

your suggestion is valuable

after the checking i will share with you correct situation.

clean your ram by pencil eraser try it...