I would ask a one questoin about this laptop from my friend:

I got laptop Dell Latitude D620. It was plugged in electric power but without batery.
By accident, a couple of times happened that charger pulled out of laptop. That happened several time,
and I just plugged it in again and everything was fine. Now, last time charger pulled out I can't turn
laptop to boot. It seems like it's not receiving the power somehow. I tried another charger and I couldn't turn on the laptop.

I also tried replacing HDD. In computer service they told me its up to motherboard, and fix would cost 200 euros or so.
What do you think?


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Hard to tell without actually seeing the machine. Try removing the battery and powering it with only the AC adapter. If this doesn't work try holding the power button in for about 15 seconds. This will flush any residual power being stored in capacitors on your motherboard. If neither of these work, you may be SOL. One last thing you can try is taking a look at the motherboard (probably get to it by removing the keyboard. Things to look for that indicate critical damage are things that smell like burnt plactic, broken capacitors (fluffy stuff might be sticking out), burnt out resistors (brown/black resistors), or just black marks in general on the board. Make sure that the power connection is still soldered properly. You will likely find this near a voltage regulator on the board. If any of this seems overwhelming, take it in to a pro as you could damage it more than it already is.

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Since you mention pulling the charger from the laptop, the 1st thing I would check is if the power socket is still soldered on the motherboard. If it's not, solder it and you should be alright.
There is always the change that you've cracked the motherboard, but that's not something that you can repair.
If the motherboard isn't cracked or broken and the socket is still soldered, you might want to check that the socket is in 1 piece and that (don't know the word, but I'll describe) the metal parts on the inside (the ones that get the juice from the charger) are still there.

Since the chargers socket has suffered alot' it might be the point of contact between the socket and the mainboard. connect the charger to your laptop and try moving the socket (where the charger connects to the laptop) slightly to see if any thing happens.

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