Hi everyone,

My name is Jeramy and I am new to the forums. I did a search and tried to find a similar post and one came up with certain search terms - however I forgot which it was =(

I'm an independent contractor and I setup HDTVs, PCs, networks, etc. I just purchased an 8GB drive that I plan on using as my technician tool. I've already got the PortapleApps setup pretty well on it, but I was wondering if there are tools out there I am missing?

It'd be great to carry a suite of everything I could potentially need in the field, and while what I have right now works I know there are probably guys out there who have iron keys with absolutely perfect file structures.

I wouldn't mind hosting some sort of cloud folder where we could collectively upload/update it for users of the forum? I would gladly head the project development and put up the initial files.

I'm hoping to become a regular user of this community and hopefully will be able to provide valuable advise in the future.

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well the only thing i know about that might help(at least for PCs) is
windows AIK(auto installation kit)
it is an IT pro tool that is somewhat technical.
once you learn to use it, you can do custom installs
by setting everything up ahead of time. the info goes on the usb drive
than you can install on multiple machines quicker
it can be downloaded somewhere from microsoft

I have actually been looking for something like this, especially for initial setups.

I've recently discovered PC Decrapifier which allows you to run multiples items through uninstallation. The process isn't automated, but it saves a few clicks.

Oh and thanks for the recommendation, I'll look into it!

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