i had a keyboard but spilled juice on it and it partly broke so i bought a new one that apparently didn't connect with my dell PC thru usb but older technology...so i bought an adaptor but my PC won't read it...any idea why and how i could fix it?? please don't say buy another one!

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Is the older technology ps/2? So you're using a ps/2-to-USB adapter? What operating system is running on the PC?

yeah thats the one...windows 7....but my PC won't even acknowledge the existence of the new keyboard wen i connect it..

probably you just need a simple restart to make it work...
p/s2 connection mostly needed to restart in order for them to work even if you used USB adapter for that...

yeah done that like a million times! any other ideas??

*thanks though flagstar

Try this if restarting won't work. There are two methods

Method #1

Open Device Manager (it should be right-click computer icon - under hardware tab

There should be a lot of devices that connected inside your computer. Check whether your keyboard is listed in the Keyboard section. If not, highlight any icon and click on 'Scan for hardware change' icon and check whether it detect your keyboard. (You may need to reinstall your keyboard driver for it to work properly)

Method #2
Do this if you have any extra desktop keyboard in your home and it should be in fine condition. Try to unplugged the faulty one and test it with another keyboard. Check whether it could detect your keyboard. If not available, proceed with Method #3

Method #3
If this method won't work with just the faulty one, then you may just had a bad keyboard (and you need to replace it)

Reboot your computer but this time, try to tap on Del button to enter bios or any key that has specific function during bootup. If it does work, then there could be something wrong with your windows.

Try first and let us know the results...

try this fix ,its usually the best one,as keyboard ps2 to usb adapters are usually junk ,return the new ps2 keyboard and tell them you need a usb keyboard

commented: Never thought of that. Switch keyboard with usb port instead of ps2... that might work +3
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