I have run into a problem after attempting to over clock my. I am reasonably computer literate, but am at a complete loss in this situation, and am in great need of any advice I may be able to get from this forum. My hardware, as best as I can recall, consists of the following:
· The motherboard is a MS-6570 running a phoenix award bios
· The cpu is an AMD Athlon which was originally running at 1.8 MHz. I’m sorry I cant be more specific here
· There are 2 sticks of 1 GB DDR (there is a serial number PC3200U-30331-Z if this is at all useful)
· The graphics card is a NVIDIA GeForce, but that is as much as I know. I could dig out the manual if the specifics are needed.

I was attempting to increase the processor speed, 1.8 being pretty low now, and not wanting to get a new cpu due to being unsure as to exactly what it was I needed. I was also keen to learn a bit more about how computers operate and wanted to give overclocking a go, even if there wasn’t that much of a change in the overall performance of my computer.

The CPU FSB Clock in advanced chipset features was originally at 166. I began increasing this in steps of 4, wanting to be cautious, restarting the computer and letting it boot to windows each time, as well as keeping an eye on the cpu and system temperature in the Bios as I went along. The temperature of the CPU didn’t go above 45C. I had only done a few steps, up to 180ish when the computer would not restart. The fans turn on but there is no signal to the screen. I have attempted to reset the bios using instructions on this site, using the clear cmos jumper and removing the battery for 5 minuets, neither of which had any effect. I wondered whether my graphics could have been damaged.

Any advice would be brilliant,


to check whether your pc still go POST mode....after powering on for sometime press the caps lock of your k/b if it is responding then might be a display problem only..

try to putting it back to the default state..check if it will normally..

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