Ok, Im My PC I Have 2 Sticks Of RAM, One Is A 128 PC133 SDRAM @ 133Mhz And The Other One Is A 256 PC133 SDRAM @ 133Mhz:

But When I Look At The Total, It Shows Only 256MB Are There:

And Also On My BIOS Screen It Only Counts The 256MB RAM Stick As A 128MB RAM Stick. What Gives!

Please I Need Some Help.

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You might try reversing the modules, some motherboards will want to see the larger module in a specific socket order.

tried it, doesnt work.

when sometimes when i do it doesnt recognize the 256 one and says i only got 128mb.

Make sure both modules are properly seated.

Sometimes memory doesn't fully work if the sticks are made by different manufacturers.

well there should be a way to fix this?

anyone else have some suggestions.

It's hard to tell what is going on here with the scant amount of information you are providing, but it is looking like there is a compatibility issue here. Did Kingstom specifically recomend this module for your motherboard? The older motherboard running on PC100 could underclock PC133 if the specs all matched up, but all it takes is a difference in density to change that. Kingston changed from low to high desity modules without any indication on the modules themselves, I found this out by trying to find compatible modules to a similar motherboard. Call and talk to one of their techs, they will be glad to help, and will be able to determine if you module is compatible or not.

ok, ill call em some time and see if they can help, thx for advise.

and well i look at the crucial site to see what type of RAM i need, and it told me and a bought one that had the same specs as the one crucial was recommending for me.

but, ill call kingston.

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