I have just gone and brought the above proccessor and a new Motherboard and new ram and case. I am still waiting for the ram atm, so the pc has not been started. I was wondering when i added the heat sink which come with the Processor it has a heat pad on it alreay. Is it a good idea to remove this pad and get some good quality heat paste( forgot the name), and add that instead. Or will the normal thing be ok.

Also will a 350watt powe supply be ok to power :

2 Harddrives
2 Cdroms Drives
Geforce 5200 FX
Above Proccessor
k8vt800 Pro MotherBoard (Gigabyte)
4 Case Fans
1 Processor Fan
2 Cathode lights
1 led Strope light

Or is it asking to much, do i need to upgrade to 500 watt or even more!

I know i can find out when i turn it ok but i am not getting the rest for a few days so would have the chance to get a new Power Supplly before then ready. Or will i just have to wait and see if it will start up.

Thanks for all the help!

I have found a good and cheap 450watt PSU would this be powerfull enough???????

I'd recomend upgrading your powersupply just to be on the safe side personally.

Go with somthing 450 or above :)

Would this be ok,


I can not find out the votage details, also will it work with the proccesro i have as i know they need alot of power, and atx means that it has the little 4 pin socket. So this one should be ok?

Thanks for all your help.

I've never heard of jeantech so I can't comment.... might want to broaden your search to other websites.

Ok the think is that one i would preffer to be able to pick up from a shop. Needs to be in uk. Also i do not want to pay alot as just spend near £400 on pc parts. Also it needs the correct leads. Can you find or think of any places.

Not sure where to go for uk sites. I'm a big fan of newegg personally

ok thanks anyway but there american. I think i will just get the one from Pc World, but i will go and see if i can find some more info on the box first.

Thanks for all your help.

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