My laptop worked great til a few weeks ago. It is a Toshiba 315 CDS.

The screen suddenly has lines that go from the top of the screen to half way down the screen. You can still see what is behind it but it is like looking through prison bars.

I hooked up an external monitor and no lines.

I replaced the screen with a screen out of a junk 315CDS and same thing happens.

Any ideas???

So is it the video card?

Or something that attaches to the actual laptop screen display, since it works on an external monitor its not likely the video card..

Toshiba Satellite L30 belonging to a korean bought by him Korea is having LCD non-display problem. He is offering to sell the same to me. What may be the problem, can it be fixed and what is the possible price could be quoted ? We are in Chennai India. Thanks

You probably have the screen resolution set too high or too low.
Set it to either 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768.

lcd monitor cable, the cable that connects the lcd and the board, have you tried replacing it since you have the out of a junk 315CDS..

There is a video out port. Attach a cable to a TV or use a separate monitor for the VGA out, to check that it is not just the screen.

The screen can be replaced by a technician but costs about $200 plus dollars including tech fees.