Hi, if a game requires at least a pentium 4 1.2 ghz and i have pentium 3 1.2 ghz, will that ultimately make a big difference and if so what could i do to fix that problem
Here is the system requirements of the game:
recommended: 1.8 ghz pentium 4 ,512 MB Ram 128 video card
minimum: 1.2 ghz pentium 4, 256 mb ram, 64 video card
Here is my comp: pentium 3, 1.2 ghz, 259 MB ram

PLease help!!!

i Bought the game and i havent opened yet because im not sure if it'll work


There shouldn't be any real difference between P4 and P3 1.2Ghz, but it may be worth noting, that most games wont work that well on the minimum specs, if at all. Best thing to do, is to download a demo of the game, and test it out.

Either google, or use an online file repository like http://www.filefront.com/ to find a demo

Well it really depends ive installed games on an Celeron Proccesser that need a minimum of P3 all i got really was a bit of lag during bits and peices i imagine it should run but with lag. Also it is Recommended it doesnt mean you have to have those specs go ahead and play it.

I'm only talking from experience, although to be honest, it does depend on the quality of you products. For example, a built-in 64mb Graphics card on a laptop, doesn't perform as well as an ATI card in a desktop.