a few months back i noticed the light for the power button had stopped working, but the comp turned on. this happened on and off. a short time later, the button stopped starting my computer reliably. but heres the strange part...i could press the button and the comp would start 15 min later. recently i had it randomly turn on after 3 days and then it died some hours later. it went on once more a week later. it could be shut down and booted just fine. a couple weeks later, it is dead again and i feel its permanent. also the light on my LAN card is usually lit as long as an ethernet cable is plugged in. not so when the comp is dead. --so heres what ive already tried: removed everything but power cords from motherboard...even memory. nothing. shorted green and black on 20 pin connector with hard drive plugged in. hard drive spins. shorted pins on motherboard for power button. nothing. shorted pins for power button light. nothing. replaced power supply. nothing...but i noticed the one i bought is 110 volts. the other is 115. sound like the motherboard? is it anything i can fix without replacing the whole thing? if its dead anyway, id be fine trying to solder new relays or something.

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why not changing the motherboard, and take note of the hardware that u have and buy a motherboard that it can uses ur hardware at hand, especially the processor...

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