My CD/DVD Rom is continually running, and doesn't show up as a drive anymore. It's an HP running Windows XP. How can I uninstall it, and reinstall it (drivers?) I have a recovery drive only, and no recovery CD.

It runs continuous, with the led light glowing orange instead of green. It won't open when I push the button. It causes the computer to lock up for about 15 seconds, and it does it about every 2 minutes.

Thanks, any help appreciated

Hi rjeffers,,
I'm afraid I have some possibly bad news :(
About the only things that can cause the problem your describing is a bad controller inside the CD drivr OR a shorted out connection on the motherboard. If it's an old CD's probably the controller (ie. your drive is "dead" - even if it's running). Before you run out to buy a new one.. test the drive in a friends computer. If it works in another computer..then.. re-check the cable connections to the motherboard in your computer.. if that doesn't work.. then have the motherboard itself checked.
Hope this helps :(
ps-post back with what you find out.. or if you need more help.

Thanks RGPHNX, I just read your reply (I'm at work) I was able to uninstall it through Device Manager, and reinstall by Add Hardware, and it was back to normal (although I didn't try running a disk). But later on it started running again, only difference was that the light was green instead of orange. I uninstalled it again and just left it, but when I restart or boot up it finds new hardware and trys to install it. I cancel the installation and everything is fine, as long as I don't need to use a CD. It's a HP CD-R/DVD drive that's about 2 1/2 years old. Let me know if I just need to check anything else. It's an internal drive by the way. I do have an external
CD-R drive I can use, although it's 4 years old and only 16X Speed. Thanks for your help.

Hi rjeffers,
From what you said it sounds like the CD drive controller is failing when it gets up to operating temperature

But later on it started running again,

etc. Failing drive controllers inside the actual CD drive itself can give continuous running or intermittat on/off running problems.
The other parts you need to exclude are the IDE ("ribbon") drive cable & the system motherboard connector. (the one the CD drive ribbon cable connects to on the motherboard).
Here's what you need to do.
Put you old CD drive in the computer & test it.
If it runs OK.... then you know the motherboard connector & ribbon cable are OK and the problem is in the drive controller of your new CD drive :(
..If its not OK .. then.. swap out the ribbon cable for a brand new one
..If its OK then..the problem was the old ribbon cable
.. if its still not OK... then the problem is in the motherboard :( :(
You can find step by step instructions at my website in the "beginners" section in "CD/DVD troubleshooting" charts. Just go step by step & don't assume anything.
Happy troubleshooting :)
ps- Make sure you post back here to let everyone know the good news.!!

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